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Ardyth's Sew N Vac


Gidget II Table

611 Gidget II Flatbed
611 Gidget II Freearm
611 Gidget II Embroidery
611 Gidget II Ruler
611 Gidget II Handle
611 Gidget II Wheels
611 Gidget II Chain
Insert - Flush in Beveled Opening
611 Gidget II Bevel Edge
Gidget II in Flatbed mode
An optional machine specific custom insert for Gidget II can be ordered for many sewing machine models on our
Custom Machine Insert page
Will this cabinet fit my machine?
Click the
Cabinet Specs/Incompatible Machines Tab
for detailed Gidget II dimensions, including machine opening size and a list of known Incompatible Machines.
Watch our Sturdy Gidget video on the
Product Videos Tab
for a comparision of Gidget II and Gidget I.
Questions on the difference between the Gidget I and Gidget II tables:
Gidget I has a smaller opening size (17 1/2″ x 7 3/8″)ÂÂcompared to the large opening on Gidget II (23 1/2″ x 12″).
Gidget II features 2 wheels for easier portability when folded flat. Gidget I does not have wheels.
Gidget I is made of particle board with steel locking legs. Gidget II is made with denser MDF (medium density fiberboard) and steel locking legs.
Gidget II will require a custom made insert for her opening. Gidget I has a smaller opening, so there may not be a need for an insertÂif your machine is deep enough to fill most gaps.
Visit our
FAQs page
for answers to typical customer questions, as well as information on our Product Warranty.
Assembly Manual/Videos Tab
has 2 helpful PDFs and a video explaining how to use Gidget II.